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Aquaphilia: fetish to own water and having intercourse inside or just around drinking water

Aquaphilia: fetish to own water and having intercourse inside or just around drinking water

Barebacking is specially well-known on gay people, but it act might be unsafe and you will lead to STI transmission otherwise pregnancy

Asphyxiation: a very danerous kink serious about choking, smothering and strangulation. Autoerotic asphyxiation are thinking-choking. Becoming clear, asphyxiation is quite dangerous possesses contributed to injuries and fatalities . Pick and air enjoy. Sadomasochism writer talks outlined about the subject.

Autogynephilia: an excellent kink where men expose/dress because the ladies (gynemimetophilia relates to men impersonating girls). Autoandrophilia is actually pleasure at the thought to be men.

Observe that that it identity was created as the an improvement for uniform dating tips the get across-dressing up kink and also already been regularly determine transgendered some one and you may has been utilized given that a disagreement one trans everyone is psychologically sick. Of a lot choose to not ever utilize this title, which are transphobic. Yet not, some people could have a great fetish getting crossdressing or becoming various other gender that will not connect with the intercourse title.

Autoplushophilia: a form of plushophilia in which a person is slutty because of the suggestion being a stuffed animal, specifically an effective cartoonish you to definitely .

This can continue in order to a beneficial fetish for bathing suit or posing inside liquids even if it does not cover sexual intercourse

Bathroom control: if the dominating individual controls whenever, just how and you may where in fact the submissive can pee otherwise defecate.

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