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eleven Spike/Buffy/Angel Into ‘Buffy The new Vampire Slayer’

eleven Spike/Buffy/Angel Into ‘Buffy The new Vampire Slayer’

Thus, throughout this new show, Gale stops enjoying Katniss slowly. The guy still enjoys this lady, but no longer viewpoints the woman as some type of kindred heart otherwise soulmate. Peeta is totally altered, and you can ends loving Katniss completely, but in the course of time concerns like this lady again. Now, remember that Peetas merely cause to survive is that he enjoys Katniss. Their entire objective in life was obtained from your, however, the guy moves on and finally becomes a totally practical individual becoming cupid once more.

Today remember that than the what are the results so you’re able to Katniss. Their you to definitely goal in daily life should be to remain Prim secure, and that is extracted from the woman when Prim is actually slain. But not, she at some point rebuilds herself and you can seems to free Panem anyway. Whats interesting is that Katniss and Gale really are soulmates at the the start of the fresh new show, but they are maybe not by the end, while the alternative point goes having Katniss and Peeta.

eight Juliet/Sawyer/Kate To your ‘Lost’

Now, change one to in reverse. Peetas purpose in life is completely removed of the Capitol. When the Peeta corresponds to Katniss, with his like corresponds to Demure, after that what does that make Gale? Gale, which, no matter how ultimately, triggered Prims passing? He might n’t have understood just what he had been doing.

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