HSE Policy


HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environment. Divestekno Anugrah recognized the importance of having an environment friendly and accident, free workplace that is why we are offering a good and quality HSE services to all our employees. It is important for us to plan health, safety and environmental requirements in a project at the earliest possible stage, if injuries and accidents are to be avoided. HSE’s job is to prevent people being killed, injured or made ill by work.

HSE Vision

To achieve a workplace where no one gets hurt, everyone goes home safe & well and the environment is preserved in the successful operation of our business. The primary core value of Divestekno Anugrah is Health & Safety and this is emphazised in every project that we undertake. The Health & Safety of our employees takes priority over any other business objective. To reinforce this primary core value, we implement our Habits of Higly Effective Health & Safety Leaders on all projects.


Divestekno Anugrah believed that to work safely is for our employees to maintain good health. We have program which promote health to our employees. We have business tie ups with medical center for medical services and annual medical check ups to our employees. Aside from that, we have safety management programs aligned to promote health such as providing our employees good accommodation / workplace by conducting water sample analysis for drinking water, pest control, water tank cleaning and many more.


Divestekno Anugrah recognized that people are the most important assets of a business. In line with these, Divestekno Anugrah has formed a Safety Department consist of competent and qualified Safety Officers who will guide the employees to have a safe working place. We make sure that its employees undergo necessary training in order to perform their duties in a night and coffee manner.


Divestekno Anugrah also recognized the importance of considering the aspects that might affect the environment. With this, we make sure that we strive to protect the environment in all day-to-day activities, ensure the efficient use of all natural resources, and create proper environment awareness to all of the employees.

HSE Policy

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