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On the Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and you can kop (head)

On the Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and you can kop (head)

H: hamerkop so you’re able to howzit

hamerkop (noun) – Southern African marsh bird (Scopus umbretta), connected with the latest storks, that have a favorite crest on the head.

Hanepoot (noun) – Sweet wine made from the brand new muscat blanc d’Alexandrie grape cultivar, and a different name because of it cultivar.

hang out of good (adjective) – Really or larger, as with: “It is hang out-of an emotional” otherwise “I had a hang away from problems”.

hello (exclamation) – Term used because a separate question meaning “pardon?” otherwise “what?” – “Hey? Exactly what did you say?” Otherwise you can use it so you’re able to prompt affirmation or agreement, as with “It absolutely was a good movie, hello?”

homelands (noun) – The latest spurious “independent” says in which black Southern Africans were compelled to capture citizenship in rules of apartheid. Labeled as bantustans.

howzit (exclamation) – Well-known South African welcome one translates around because “Just how are you currently?”, “Exactly how are one thing?” or simply “Hello”. Off “How is it?”

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